Red Riding Hood

Digital painting created in Photoshop CS5 on a Surface Pro 2 and Krita on a Surface Pro 4.

Based on the fairy tale, "Red Riding Hood." The background for this was more dominant than in most of my work prior, giving me a chance to play around with landscape painting--something I have rarely explored. I put this one aside and picked it back up a number of times, so the process for it spans two sets of software and hardware.

Prints available at:

Process video:

About Me

I'm a freelance illustrator in the Northwest Arkansas area and a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute. Though I majored in animation, I soon discovered my passion for digital painting and illustration. I have since created book covers, shirt designs, and more. My work has been featured across the internet by Imagine FX, RedBubble, Shirtpunch, and game studios like Digital Extremes.